Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Proposal

Two weeks ago, Mr. M-A and I made plans to go to Chicago for Valentine's day. It would be the perfect getaway, because I had been so stressed out by law school and we had barely seen each other. Case in point - that weekend, I volunteered for the annual UBSPI auction which raises money for grants for public interest students, and then spent Saturday with my moot court team and then being cranky about not having enough time. We went skating with my 4 year old cousins school and then hung out with my cousin and my sister. The next day was even crazier, because I went to play hockey at noon, then I ran a bunch of errands and visited my grandmother. I finally got home around 5 and Mr. M-A tried to convince me to go for a walk. I resisted. He pushed it as part of the 30-minutes of cross training he was supposed to do for Cherry Blossom Ten Miler training. I wanted to make dinner.
I suggested that I make dinner and he go for a walk alone. He suggested I put dinner in the oven and go for a walk with him. I told him the apartment would burn down, and quite possibly added something about my Grandpa rolling over in his grave/being very embarrassed in heaven. I finally was convinced, and decided to make the best of it (even though it was quite nice out, I was hungry and tired) by taking my camera so that I could take pictures from Federal Hill, which is a really big hill near our apartment that overlooks Baltimore and the skyline. We headed towards the hill and walked around the path that winds up it while I took a series of goofy, blurry, out of focus pictures (it was already almost six and getting dark). We eventually reached the top of the hill and Mr. M-A sat down so we could admire the view. I attempted to continue to walk, because I was a little afraid the apartment would burn down. He made me sit. We sat for a few minutes and chatted, and then he pulled out a ring box and asked me to marry him.
Because I'm a jerk, I asked him why he wanted to marry me, and forced him to give me a list of reasons why he loves me. When I was satisfied with the list, I said yes :). The ring was a plastic 3-D model of the ring he designed himself in one of his fancy engineering programs and we are now getting made at a local jeweler.
I bet you thought I was going to say that he proposed in Chicago - but he didn't. I mentioned that part because I had said to him on Saturday, "I shouldn't expect anything next weekend, right?" I didn't want to set myself up to be disappointed, because I had been before, and I didn't want to be upset. He said, "Of course not. Who proposes on Valentine's day? That would be lame." I agreed, but I knew it would be his last chance to do it before spring break. Unless of course he decided on a spur-of-the-moment, out-of-the-blue proposal on the hill .5 miles from our apartment. It did keep me from being suspicious when we left the apartment and I said, "lets got to the hill first" and he said "lets end up there." I was completely surprised that he did it that weekend, that night, although by the time we were sitting on the bench, I knew it was coming. It was nice to be surprised, and honestly, that is probably the only way he could have surprised me, because I had been anticipating it and being so overeager for so long.

I will post at length later about how long this proposal was in coming, and how long it felt (in reality, it was only about six months in coming but it felt much much much much longer.) I will talk about how to not go crazy waiting (okay, I don't have a lot of good advice on that front.)

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