Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Standing up to the WIC

On January 7, 2009, I subscribed to Brides magazine as well as Modern Bride. Bridal magazines cost about $6 apiece and are mostly ads. Very few people subscribe – most people just buy them off the newsstand. I wasn't engaged yet, but was hoping I would be in the 12-16 weeks it would take for them to arrive. If they started showing up next week, I have some explaining to do. Nonetheless, this, besides not wanting/buying a diamond, is my first major stand against the WIC. Like I said, very few people subscribe – but paying newsstand prices when I could pay $10 for a year’s subscription? A one year subscription is 6 issues – that is less than $2 an issue, which is a saving of $4 per issue, translated to $24. Or, if you are lucky and Amazon.com was having a sale, you pay $6 for a subscription, aka $1 an issue, aka pay newsstand price once but subscribe for a whole year.

One of the first things I said after the proposal was, "man, I'm glad you proposed before my subscription to Modern Bride started showing up." Mr. M-A just stared at me and laughed. Two days later, my first issue of Brides magazine arrived through the mailslot, in its textbook sized glory. I think I counted thirty pages of actual content, and the other 700 are ads. I think I will be using the internet for most of my planning, but for the price of the single issue I could have excitedly bought the day after Mr. Mid-Atlantic opened that box, I will get a year's worth of inspiration, ideas, and dress pictures. It's not supposed to be great substance, but it will come in handy when we run out of toilet paper. Also, it includes a checklist that tells me all the things I should have done by now (Its apparently my wedding. Mr. M-A has nothing to do with it. At all. I think I get to dress him up, which will be fun for me because I spent 4 years costume designing.)

There is actually an excellent article in Modern Bride about wedding weight loss - moral of the story is this: brides are crazy, and most women trying to lose weight for their wedding are already a normal weight who have been driven insane. But the article was very interesting - not worth buying it, but you can come over and read mine.

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