Monday, March 23, 2009

About Us

So I thought it was high time we introduced ourselves properly.
I am currently 23, 24 in June, and a law student at the University of Baltimore. We are getting married after I've graduated and taken the bar. I am Maryland born and raised (technically born in DC, but really, does not count.) I grew up in Adelphi, then Bethesda, then moved back to College Park to go to the University of Maryland, where I majored in English and history. My concentrations were creative writing and women's history. I also minored in Public Health. I played ice hockey in college and continue to play on a local in-house women's league at Laurel. Other hobbies include running, reading, cooking (check out my cooking blog), sewing, knitting, and being a strident feminist. I ultimately want to work in women's issues litigation - I'm not sure yet if that means DV work or suing Wal-Mart. 

I just turned 26 and work for a roller coaster company just outside Baltimore; we're one of the few US-based companies in the field, and we do a lot of custom / niche jobs.  Rides you might know include the former Italian Job coasters (now known as Backlot Stunt Coaster), the Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios, and Flight of Fear (the first LIM launched coaster).  It's a fun job.  
I was born in Manchester, England, and moved to NJ when I was 4 (with my family, of course).  After high school, I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland, where I met Ellie.  Shortly thereafter I left for a semester back in Manchester, then returned to start research for a 5-year BS-MS program.  I started working for a biotech when I graduated in 2006, then was laid off and wound up where I am now.  

After college, we moved in together in Columbia (a suburb between Baltimore and DC), and after a year made the move up to Federal Hill, where we live between M&T Bank Stadium and the Inner Harbor. Ellie loves living in Baltimore, although she hears practicing in the courts here is exhausting and demanding because the system is so strapped, so she's tempted to practice in another county. Mark looks forward to his office's upcoming move to a building just outside the inner harbor, which would allow him to stop commuting by car (it's been anticipated for over a year now, so he's not holding his breath), but in the meantime he's a big fan of being able to walk other places.


  1. Fed Hill is GREAT! You can walk to EVERYTHING!

  2. i personally love that you mentioned suing Walmart (my fiance and I gave up shopping there 3 years ago and I'm proud to tell you we haven't set foot inside one since).

  3. I just found your blog... We just set a date and I have been looking for a Baltimore feminist-friendly/intentional wedding blog. So excited to find yours!! can't wait to get some great ideas :)

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  5. Hi Ellie and Mark, I'm a PhD student doing research on marriage at the University of Virginia and was wondering if you might post a notice of my study. I didn't want to fill up this entire page with all the details, but please email me if you're remotely interested in learning more about it. Also, other blogs such as "2000 Dollar Wedding" and "So You're Engayged" have posted for us so you could check our project out there as well. I couldn't find an email address for you, or I would have contacted you directly.
    Thanks for your time!
    Cristina Reitz-Krueger survey.couples[at]

  6. Hi Couples! I'm pretty sure that I emailed you last week about participating - I just haven't had a chance to do the survey yet, but I'm planning to today! You can email me at elliedb at gmail dot com if you want me to post about your project here, or if you want to talk more about it.

  7. It appears as though you are loading an image from our servers. No big deal, but we would love a text link if you could ablige.


  8. @ Shop for Clothes - I'm happy to oblige, but only for the picture that is being used, so please comment on that post. Thanks.

  9. Ok, I just saw your post on A Pratical Wedding Re: STD's, and I just HAD to figure out a way (luckily it was as simple as clicking your name) to comment you about your wedding date. I LOVE it! 42 is a HUGE deal to us as well, and while we won't be getting married on a date pertaining to it (at least, I don't think so, lol), we ritually have a "I love you, I love you too, I love you 42" type convo, and I've been blessed with such sweetness as "I love you 6*9=42...that means I love you beyond logic." Not to mention binary is rad, and we've been talking about getting matching binary tattoos saying either "love" "42" or each other's first names.

    I prolly should take a deep breath and calm down, but I was just soo excited to see someone take 42 to heart as much as we have!

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding, and for a fabulous date (ours is 9-10-11, and I get all giggly over the sequentialness of it -- forgive me, I'm a math major >_<)!

  10. I LOVE your blog. Best one I've seen, so exceptionally helpful. Thanks so much for sharing.