Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brides Magazine

I cannot believe that the etiquette questions in Brides magazine come from real people.
"Can I put the dress code 'boating elegant' on the invitation? I want our wedding to look like it's at a yacht club on the Riviera."
The editors of Brides magazine were pretty helpful - they basically said, this is a really bad idea. So I was satisfied with their answer.
My response would be, "Are you freaking kidding me? If you want your wedding to look like it's at a yacht club on the Riviera, get married at a yacht club on the Riviera and hire actors to play your guests. Your wedding is not a theatrical event, and you cannot orchestrate every last detail of it no matter how hard you try."

But here's the question - what would you wear if you got this dress code instruction?
I think I would go with a female version of the Gondola driver outfit - stunning black silk capris and a black and white striped blouse - along with a red scarf around my neck or a red hat, and red shoes, for that punch of color. I think I would achieve "boating elegant" but I still would not look like I was at a yacht club on the Riviera.


  1. I got hammered on one of the boards for suggesting that couples who over orchestrate their guests' dress and behavior need to ease up and let adults be adults. just tell me formal or informal, and let me choose my own clothing based on the location. For this one, how about a pirate costume? Didn't say what century...Thanks for posting!

  2. Ooooh good idea! Those can certainly be elegant!