Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have some catching up to do here (has it really been long enough since I proposed to have written 22 posts?), so a few rapidfire, bullet-style responses:
  • Ellie suggested that everybody at some point wants a destination wedding at least a little bit. This is the place that struck me when I was there years ago: the Minack Theatre in Cornwall. 
  • My parents' backyard would be awesome for a wedding, but it's in New Jersey.  Instead we'll probably wind up having engagement party #4 (4!  see below) there.  I didn't know it was our official fallback, though; I regard Ellie's church as our "fallback" in the same way that Maryland was my "fallback" school.  There are other places we might want to consider (like Cornell or Lehigh), but we know that with the church we shouldn't have trouble booking a date and it won't break the bank (or having to justify to ourselves taking out loans for an expensive private school).  People take the word fallback in a negative sense but really it just means that it's the option that requires the minimum unnecessary aggravation.
  • I see no reason to be overly cagey about the locations we're considering, particularly given that one of Ellie's "wedding buddies" only has 6 months to plan.  Even though we just heard that her cousin's visiting a lot of the same places we were considering, I think it's unlikely that we'd both wind up choosing the same place, and that they would have availability for both of us on our preferred dates.  And as Ellie suggested, the two will be different enough. that the 3/4 of our guests who also went to Matt's wedding (they have a large family) probably won't even notice it's the same location.  Plus, it's way easier to post more frequently when I can just talk about these places.
  • Shoes:  Don't get me started.
  • Bride zillas:  Maybe, like wondering whether you're okay to drive when you leave the bar, if you have to ask it isn't a good sign.  That being said, for my part I don't think Ellie is one (particularly on the issue of the travel).
  • Wedding magazines: I hate that our counter, coffee table, and bathrooms are full of them.  The ten pages of content in there can't possibly be worth the five hundred glossy pages of ads that will all be thrown away after a few weeks.  At least they didn't cost much...

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