Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chain Weddings

One of our biggest questions right now is what is the best way to cater a wedding? Mark really likes the stations idea, which I do too, because there is a variety of food. But I also like the idea of ordering a lot of cheaper food so that we can invite more people. One of our possible venues is my childhood church where we would be responsible for all of the catering, etc.
I originally wanted California Tortilla, but some people really don't like the idea. The only person I care about liking it is really Mark (which he doesn't seem to). I think a Cal-Tor wedding with dos equis and coronas and margaritas and sangria would be fantastic. Originally I focused a little much on the "what you should know about a party catered by Cal Tor" section - there will be plenty of food, and everything will be delicious. I've been to Cal Tor parties and they are delicious. Plus, Cal Tor is actually a local chain to Bethesda and I like them.
Some of the other chain stores are options as well - Qdoba, Lebanese Taverna, Mama Lucia's, etc. The biggest con that I can see is that the catering doesn't necessarily include service. Another con is that aluminum foil pans on chafing dishes isn't exactly classy, so I might want to rent nicer chafing dishes. We would also have to rent linens and plates and cups and barware separately if we wanted to have something that wasn't plastic. (And even I don't want to use plasticware at my wedding. It's not environmentally sound and it's just a little cheap.)
I've never been to a wedding that has done this - I've been to one buffet wedding, and they had nice chafing dishes. Everything else I have been to is a sit-down dinner, so I really don't know whether people will think the foil chafing dishes are cheap or if they really won't notice, because really, who cares as long as it tastes good?
Another problem is that we will have a lot of older people who maybe do not like tacos at the wedding - would it be wise to have some kind of alternative option? Serving salmon and roasted potatoes seems safer, but less delicious and fun. Going with a pasta place (I hear pizza hut now delivers pasta) seems like a better idea, but I've had to eat so much mediocre pasta at catered events that I don't trust it.

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