Sunday, March 8, 2009

Engagement Shoots

Okay - so originally I thought engagement shoots were the dumbest concept ever. Really - you spend two hours with a photographer and you stress out over your hair and makeup and then run around town and make out in public? Now, though, I think they are awesome, because who doesn't want some really good pictures of themselves instead of the usual off-centered self-taken shots with the arm out and the really bad red-eye? When we take pictures of ourselves, they come out so weird looking and the lighting is off and even though we finally have a tripod that we use (which we have had all along, Mark just never mentioned it until a month ago and we dug it out) which is about 4 inches long but really handy for self-timed shots, the pictures still aren't great.
Plus, you can use the engagement shoot pictures in stuff for the wedding, like a photo-guest book or anything else. And you get to have nice, professional pictures of you in a fun location - like the city where you live, or a park you really like, or even a vacation spot.
We have some friends who are into photography so they might be willing to follow us around for an afternoon with a camera - I think it would be fun to do a shoot in Federal Hill - go up to the hill where we got engaged, hit up the Book Escape, maybe Sam's Bagels, stop for Margarita's at Blue Agave. I really love this shoot by Lara Swanson, especially the pictures in Olsson's.


  1. Or maybe I could photograph you with a lil' discount? ;) Thanks for the shoutout!

  2. I hate to say it, but I think I'm still over them. You are about to embark on the most expensive photo shoot of your life, and you will quite shortly have more professional photos of yourself than you will ever need.... so why spend time and energy taking photos of yourself in street clothes? Everyone at your wedding knows what you look like, are you going to put up photos of yourself in your house?, and your parents will loose interest in them as soon as the wedding photos arrive.

    So. They are fun. But I'm with your first self. (kindly).

  3. See, and that's why I'm not sure, as far as paying for a shoot, because my first self is infinitely more practical. If I had a definite use for engagement pictures besides putting them in our display coffee table, I would have already signed up for a shoot. I think I will have to collect ideas of what to do with the pictures and then decide if its worth it.