Monday, March 16, 2009

First Glance/Look

I hope Mark posts about this a little too - because he's really the holdout, although I'm also holding out.
I don't really believe in first glances. Not because they're bad luck, but because they are poorly executed. Every time I see them, the bride walks up behind the groom and she taps him on the shoulder. Then he turns around and they get gooey.
The whole point of that giant aisle, besides being surrounded by people who love you and them all watching you walk to your beloved, is that anticipation where you get to stare at each other. No bride would walk down the aisle, tap the groom on the shoulder, and then have him turn around. At least not that I've ever seen.
I'm not ruling a first glance out, because the idea of getting the portraits out of the way and actually eating food at cocktail hour, I think, sounds darn tasty. But I want to come up with a better execution - something that captures that anticipation, and something that lets somebody get a picture of the look on Mark's face when he's really looking at me for the first time in my dress - and that should be a long enough time period for him to cry, not just a five second "oh, hello, girl that tapped me on the shoulder."


  1. As hinted, I'm definitely not a fan of this plan. I'm a pretty traditional guy in a lot of ways, and I can't really imagine the first time I see Ellie in her dress being anything other than standing at the altar watching her walk down the aisle towards me. Okay, we don't get the photos out of the way beforehand, but who cares? We'll make sure the caterer brings us drinks and hors d'oeuvres wherever we're taking pictures so we don't miss out.

  2. While I'm definitely on board for the snacks at the after ceremony picture session,i have recently been thinking about the first look idea, as the boy mentioned he might want to get some of the photos over with. So the idea I had, which might sound cheesy or posed, but hey, so's the tap on the shoulder, would be some sort of "we snuck out to see each other 'cause we can't stay apart" set up. And i still think that spending that whole walk looking at each other will be meaningful.

  3. Another way to think of things is that it might (or might not) be nice to see each other without gobs of people around, just some grounding time. We don't have an option anyway, we'll be signing the Ketubah before the wedding of course. But, I'm sure we'll just see each other, no tapping.

    David's helped sew my dress, so it's not like it will be a surprise anyway. I just want to be grounded in each other pre-aisle. Sans tap ;)