Monday, March 30, 2009

"Having a wedding on a Sunday is just cheap."

These were famous last words uttered by me a year and a half ago. It is true, unless you are an orthodox Jew, or unless you are getting married on a holiday weekend. I was extremely bitter about having to attend a Sunday wedding "in the middle of nowhere". (I was in my first year of Law School and had a test the following week.) Now that we are thinking of a Sunday wedding, I find myself going back on these words. This is for a number of reasons.
1.) I really enjoyed that wedding. It started at like, 3pm, we then had cocktails, ate, drank, danced our little hearts out, and then went home around 9pm, which was fine, because it was like, an hour and a half away.
2.) Even if it's "just cheap", it's cheaper enough to make a big dent in the budget. We are trying to keep the food/venue around 10k, and hopefully by having the wedding on a Sunday at a more popular venue, we can do this. I think, on average, I have noticed that the difference around here is $2000, which will let us hire a better photographer or have more flowers or a DJ or whatever.
3.) It is nice to have the Saturday. When I have been in Sunday weddings, it is good to have the day before because you can get a lot more done - if you are going to DIY a lot, it is good to have the Saturday. I wouldn't want to request that any of my bridesmaids take the day off work on Friday to help me with stuff, so this will result in extra hands. You can also do the rehearsal during the day, go get manicures/pedicures, and feel generally more relaxed.
4.) Sunday weddings are a little bit lower key. Because we would have it earlier in the day, it might get to feel more like a fabulous garden party/afternoon tea/early Sunday supper which is more the vibe that I want than a glamorous night event. (I realize I say "I want" or "my wedding" a lot, but that is because I am unwilling to speak for Mark on this aspect and he has the power to chime in.)
The Sunday we are looking at is 10/10/10. This date has some obvious pros and less obvious cons, most of which only apply if we get married in the Baltimore area.
1.) It is a fun date.
2.) It is the Sunday of Columbus day weekend. Half my family works for the federal government (and the other half is retired) so this will feel like a Sunday wedding of a 3-day weekend for them.
3.) It will probably mean that it is the day after the Baltimore Marathon. I have run in this festival 2 years in a row and I love it. The festival is great - it features a full marathon, a half marathon, a 4-person relay, and a 5k. I think wanting to do a full or half marathon the day before our wedding is ambitious - but the 4-person relay (which features distances from 6-7.3 miles) would be an option, possibly with members of my bridal party or just my usual running team, or I could gather up a group to do the 5k out of people coming to the wedding. This might cut into the rehearsal a little, but we'll see.
4.) Since the city will be impossible to drive in, we can encourage people who want to come in to the city to take the light rail from BWI, resulting in a public-transit wedding (something important to Mark.)
5.) The museums and attractions will probably be pretty empty because everybody will be running the race.
6.) Very few of our guests will still be in school at this point, so a Sunday wedding will be less inconvenient, except for the teachers.
7.) It might cut down on out-of-town guests who we don't really want to come. (I have a couple cousins who spring to mind.)
8.) It is sensitive to our orthodox Jewish guests. (Unless its a Jewish holiday. I checked the major ones but please clue me in.)
1.) It will probably mean that it is the day after the Baltimore Marathon. This means that Baltimore city will be extremely crowded, and people will be unable to come into the city to go to the museums and stuff, unless they take the light rail in from the airport. Which takes forever.
2.) We will have to come up with some kind of "guide to circumventing the marathon"
3.) It will mean that some people can't go to church on Sunday, since they will stay, so we might have to put together a guide to local services.
4.) We might look cheap. (I'm not really worried about this, but I am worried about guests feeling like we exchanged their convenience for money.)
5.) It is insensitive to our guests who have kids in school or who don't want to stay the night.

What day are you getting married on?


  1. Ellie,

    Don't forget about football! The schedule won't be know for some time and if the Ravens have a home game, that is an impact.

  2. Oh Julian will so not want to come if you schedule during a Redskin's game :-P

  3. I just found your blog about an hour ago, and it is so funny, my mom suggested just this morning that my fiance and I get married on 10-10-10! We were already looking at the 16th, so it's not too far off the mark, and I love the idea of that date! Also, what caught my eye about your blog is that we are also home-brewers and want to brew all of the beer for the wedding AND enough for gifts for when great minds think alike! Good luck with your planning!
    -Kristen in Reno, Nevada