Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The House Party

I've been thinking about this for a little while - at the moment, I have two bridesmaids - but I have a lot of VIP women in my life. There are my college roommates, my hockey teammates, and my law school friends, and a couple kids from high school. I wanted to ask my two college roommates to come to the dress fittings and do other wedding related stuff, even though I haven't asked them to be bridesmaids. I liked Meg's approach of asking people to be non-bridesmaids, but there were some people I wanted to be more than non-bridesmaids. (I do have one person who I plan to ask to be a non-bridesmaid.) So I went ahead and asked my college roommates to be on "Team Bride". My MOH hates the term "Team Bride", but I like it. It turns out my members of Team Bride are also not fans of the name. Team Bride is basically just my wedding-related-support-network, which is important - going through this alone kind of stinks.
I found out today that there is another name for Team Bride - the House Party. While not the perfect term either, it makes some sense - instead of being in the Wedding Party, which is in charge of making sure the bride makes it down the aisle, you are in the House party, which means that you are in charge of making the wedding fun.
Some of the possible tasks for the house party include picking up the alcohol if we are doing BYOB, helping craft stuff, performing DOC tasks like making sure the cake shows up, ushering, decorating the car, setting up centerpieces, reminding people to sign the guest list and starting the conga line, electric slide, and awesome dance moves. Other tasks of the house party will probably be helping out with shower and bachelorette party stuff. I figure our house party will kind of get formed along the way, as soon as we know what we would really need them to do. A house party is a great idea because you can have a lot of people on it without having to worry about them all picking out the same colored dress.
I feel like I should feel guilty about asking my friends to be a part of my slave labor team for our wedding, but I don't, for a number of reasons including: I've done it for them, or I will do it for them. When it comes to weddings, people are generally willing to help out, so I'm not going to worry about feeling guilty. As long as all of the tasks that we give them are out of the way before the actual fun part of the wedding, and don't require them to do anything they are uncomfortable doing, I don't see why I should feel guilty, or like it's tacky to ask people for a favor. Additionally, they are grownups and can say no. But the bottom line is that I would rather give a lot of people a single small job than dump every single job on my bridesmaids.

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