Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I got in trouble...

I got in trouble with Mr. M-A last night for "charging ahead planning our wedding and leaving him 500 miles behind."
I was starting to freak out about the budget and the caterer and omgwherethehellarewegonnagetmarried? He asked me to please just stop. He pointed out that even if I can plan the wedding without him, I shouldn't, and that he would very much like to be involved. So I made some effort to backtrack and he sat down and made an effort to catch up to me. Yay compromise. I hear it is important for wedding planning.
There are some options for our wedding that I had not particularly considered, mostly because I had thought that it wasn't what he wanted. Apparently the best way to figure out what you future spouse wants is to...ask?? Yeah, I knew this. It's not like I'm a bridezilla who isn't trying to involve her partner. But he works very hard during the day, and I assumed when he got home, he would rather do other things, like plan our trip to England (that we booked yesterday and leave for next Friday) or make dinner than sit down and venue hunt. This is mostly because, before we got engaged, I would read wedding blogs for fun and he would play Zelda. Apparently though, being engaged changes things and now he is willing to sit next to me on the couch and venue hunt. (Is the internet the best or what?)
So we did. And we started thinking outside the box. I decided that I'm fine with a "ceremony-in-one-place-reception-in-another" wedding as long as its walking distance from the ceremony or has easy parking in both locations. So far this has been hard to come up with, but there are some options that may not break the bank.
One wedding idea? Ceremony on the roof of the Baltimore Science Museum, reception at the Rusty Scupper or an area restaurant. As long as we can have a dance floor, I'm down with this. I like the idea of the Rusty Scupper because its one of those things where the food is really expensive normally - but for a wedding, it becomes cheap if all you have to pay per person is $20 a meal, plus tax and tip. Restaurants are cheaper because they already have tables and chairs. Another idea is Phillips Seafood - either the Baltimore location or the DC one, but unfortunately, that is where we had the after-lunch for my Grandpa's funeral, and I did not care for it.
Another reason the ceremony on the roof of the science museum and reception at the Rusty Scupper is a great idea is because we can detour to Federal Hill for a photo shoot. Since Federal Hill is where we got engaged, it seems like an awesome idea. The only problem with this will be whether the Science Center won't let us do just a 2-hr rental, particularly in the high wedding season. I bet though, if we did it early enough in the day, they could then use the facility for another wedding later.
Another idea? Vineyard wedding, possibly with a wine-tasting instead of a cocktail hour. It occurred to me that even though appetizers are expected, nobody will really miss them as long as we serve food quickly enough, or have something to entertain our guests in the meantime. (Don't think I didn't think about a movie...) Most vineyards do wine tastings for free on the weekend anyway, and we could offer to beef it up a little bit with some cheese and crackers, but we could probably stretch that out to long enough for us to get pictures done.
One last idea, and then I should go to work. Ceremony at Quiet Waters Park, or another public park in Annapolis, and then reception at or catered by Gordon Biersch Brewery. I love brewery food, Mr. M-A loves good beer, and honestly, there is nothing wrong with wanting to serve cheeseburgers at your wedding. I'm trying to get in touch with them to figure out how many people they can fit for events, because if its a max of 50, that plan goes out the window.
Last idea (for real) - Ski Liberty. I'm hoping there will be opportunities for chairlift pictures.

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  1. I'm doing this right now! I'm in freak out 'when,where,what,aaaaahhh!' mode. My fiance always says it's ok, we have time and when the time is right, it will feel right. He keeps saying "it's about you and I, so please include me". he's so calm!