Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm feeling inspired.

Look! See the casual woven outdoor chairs, the beer bottles and small plates on the tables. Notice! No centerpieces at all! See the balloons in the trees? It looks like a casual garden party! Except that its a wedding! It's casually elegant
If this was our wedding, we would let people eat for awhile - keep a station menu, so people can sit at whatever small table they want, and then eventually shrink the number of tables available, move things, and make space for some dancing! Just move the little square tables to the edges, so people can still sit and wander!
I have yet to find another picture that is so many things that I want in a wedding in one picture. Can't you just tell how much fun they are having? Can't you tell how relaxed they are? How delicious the beer is? See how there is a tree in the middle of the patio? See how those people in the bottom half of the picture have pulled the tables together and gathered all of their chairs together to eat?
Do you have a Wed-spiration picture that embodies everything you want in one picture?

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  1. try lots of inspiration and ideas (not that you need another website to look at) :-)