Sunday, March 8, 2009


The invites are the first thing I have to stop dreaming about. I love paper and graphic design - graphic designer being my secret second career that I will be dropping out of my stress and alcoholism inducing legal career to pursue sometime in my late forties or fifties. I want to learn to use Illustrator or some other vector design program, I want to get a grip on photoshop, and then I want to design our invitations. Then I want to print them, decorate them, and put them in envelopes. Mostly because I spent so long at non-profits doing mailings, I enjoy the occasional envelope stuffing session.
Invites are going to happen sometime between graduation and the bar. So I'm giving them up. I shall leave them to the talented professionals. What are you giving up without even having to learn the hard way that its a bad idea?
Which might not be so bad:
All by the fabulous, and fabulously affordable, Jean M. (These designs are all $119 for 100 invites.)

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