Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Just say no to we-mail."

I read something in Glamour's "It's Okay" section (which normally, I love, because it says things like "it's okay to eat ice cream for breakfast), but it said to not feel bad for not wanting a "couples" email account - to "just say no to we-mail."
I guess I understand this from a dating person's perspective - we-mail is silly, unless you have a reason. A wedding is a perfectly good reason to have a we-mail account, because you don't want all that stuff from vendors clogging up your main account, and you want all the wedding info in one place. Paper is extremely 20th century, plus that bridal binder is really easy to leave in your mom's car and not see again for six months (things I learned from my sister's wedding).
We-mail can actually help you keep your wedding organized, and its free and accessible from anywhere as long as you have a blackberry or smartphone, and its accessible from most places if you just use the plain old internet.
But what other tools can help you organize?
The best tool, hands down, is Google Notebook - unfortunately, new people can't sign up! I don't know if this means that new people can't sign up for a notebook account, or if they are already Google users, they can. If you were using Notebook for something else, you should be able to start a new notebook. Google Notebook is great because there is a little application you can add that lets you right-click anything and add it to your notebook. Links, pictures, text - can all be highlighted and addded, with a note about what you like about the picture.
The other tool we use is Google Sites - we probably won't get a wedding website until the fall, so we only have to sign up for a year. But for now, my bridesmaids and friends have access to our Google Site so they can see dress ideas, inspiration pictures, venue ideas, etc.
We may end up just using the Google Site as a wedding website - they are a little less saccharin than the Knot's wedding websites.
Google Docs is also available - great for venue spreadsheets and budget spreadsheets, music lists, guest lists, address lists. My sister & brother-in-law planned most of their wedding through Google Docs.

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