Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Other Half

After watching Ellie get sucked deeper and deeper into the whole wedding business over the last year and a half, starting with her sister's engagement, I came to realize a few things:
  • She enjoys this planning business.  A lot.  And all the research and idea-gathering, and reading about all the opportunities for crafty DIY touches that, when it comes down to it, she (we) won't have the time or energy to actually implement.  But they're fun to think about, I guess.
  • Planning someone else's wedding is more fun than planning your own because there's so much less stress (I don't actually have the experience to realize this one myself, it came from her sister).
  • There are a LOT blogs written by women about weddings and wedding planning.  Ellie reads most of them.   A typical conversation after telling somebody we're engaged:  "Oh, are you going to do blah blah blah?" I typically tune out the details, then come back for: "Well, I have a friend who did this that and the other..."  Huh?  I don't remember that.  So I ask later, what friend was that?  "Oh, well, not exactly a friend, somebody on WeddingBee..."  It's a little creepy.
  • Most of those women are, presumably, marrying men, and I have to wonder, what do they think of all these goings on?  So, in response to that, and in an effort to temper Ellie's enthusiasm just a wee bit, I volunteered to join her in posting here.  I certainly won't be as prolific as El, and probably not as articulate as I'm an engineer, not an English major, but hey, it's a start.
I've been told by a reliable source - the brother-in-law - that I should be prepared to have opinions, rather than not caring, but I shouldn't expect to get decision-making power.  For the most part I'm fine with that; I haven't been dreaming of this day since I was a little girl.  I just want enough power to veto the things that I would actively hate and to be asked about the rest. And while doing that, of course, I'll do my best to make myself useful and do the research and contribute more than my opinion.  

As evidence of that, we're making our first location visit today - to an inn that I found, with an appointment I made, at a spot that we both like a lot from the photos on the web site.  They also take care of a lot of other stuff such as the catering and the cake(!), so if this were to work out, I would have achieved a major coup and taken care of half the planning without firing a shot.  Maybe not half, but I think it would be enough for me to leave the rest up to Ellie... O=)


  1. You get decision making power, and plenty of it. And don't let anyone tell you differently.

    My better half has only guest posted on my (not to personal blog) once, but you better believe he's hyper aware of the goings on there. It was his idea that I start it, and he came up with the name, after all. Plus, he vetos wedding stuff left and right. He's more of the planner than I will ever be with my 50 plus hour a week job.

    I'm excited about this project guys. Keep it up! We co-wrote our first blog (now finished) about moving to San Francisco. It's a great thing to look back on.

  2. LOL..I love this post..It sound's very much like us.... As far as your opinion, it DEF matters b/c in the end if one half is truly unhappy with something there will be compromise to make both parties happy. Great job on the thing's you've contributed so far :-)