Sunday, March 1, 2009

Picking a date

So I'm back from Moot Court (we took second place, thank you very much), have just been awesome at hockey (no goals this game though) and so that means I'm procrastinating on my RD. Meaning: wedding planning.
The first thing to do is pick a season - we're pretty limited by the bar exam to fall of 2010, although spring of 2011 is a possibility I'm unwilling to admit to thus far.
My dad and I talked on Friday, and he asked if we knew about dates yet. I told him that there is a two month period we're looking at. He told me he wanted to go to a conference in South Africa with my mom next September, so if we could get married in later October, that would be better.
I felt a little upset, but then I wondered if I was being a bridezilla, because my sister had limited how much my dad could travel before her wedding and got called a bridezilla. So I didn't say anything. I told him we would talk about it. I told him that Halloween was still an open date and a Halloween wedding would be awesome.
But the more I think about it, the more I don't want them to go to SA in September. Mostly because we probably won't pick later October, because we do want to do it outside. But also because them going to SA is a burden on me and my sister - my parents will have to take malaria pills, and they will be completely out of touch when I need them to be haggling with vendors over contracts while I'm starting to clerk. Depending on when my bridal shower is, my mother would miss it. These aren't things that matter a lot, but they matter a little bit, and my parents travel a lot. Like, seriously a lot. I think they're usually gone for at least a week out of every month. They don't realize how much they travel and that it is stressful for us to not be able to reach them sometimes.
I don't really think that asking them to miss this conference is asking a lot - I don't think my Dad really wants to go to the conference, I think he's looking for a way to write off the trip. They also went to South Africa last fall and its not my fault that the malaria pills are only good for a certain period of time.
I also don't think that my mom knows what my dad is plotting, so I think this may all be a "moo" point. Cuz as soon as he mentions it to my mom or my sister, I think he'll get shot down.

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