Saturday, March 21, 2009


Okay, so if you are an avid Weddingbee reader, you'll find that most of the brides on there go through the "Post-Wedding Chop". This is when a woman has grown her hair out for her wedding, and then chops it all off shortly thereafter.
I actually go through this cycle fairly frequently - I grow my hair out, get annoyed, and chop it off.
I have actually done the PWC before - I bobbed my hair when I got to law school, then grew it out for my sister's wedding so they could put it in a nice updo (they didn't, but that is besides the point.) The next day, I went to the hairdresser and got it bobbed.
It went from this (it turns out when it was long, it was never down, so excuse the poor quality of this picture. Also the guy on my right is my friend Danny, not Mark.)
to this (with Mark, wearing my dress from my sister's wedding - bridesmaids dresses are totally rewearable!):
Later, in October, I finally found myself a proper stylist (Lynsey Hall, works at Geometrics in Baltimore, highly highly recommend), and she gave me this cut:
(Kindly ignore the goofy facial expression, I wanted a picture that would show the cut.)
After I got this haircut, I was set. I don't think I've ever had the same haircut for so long, but I love it. I love how easy it is to maintain, how fast it is to wash and blow dry, how much more grownup and professional I look, and how it doesn't need to be scraped back and headbanded to go running or to the gym. I just put in one of those little plastic headbands that 6 year olds wear and I'm good to go.)
I've thought about growing it back out to chin length for the wedding, but I don't really see myself going further than that. I was recently at a law school competition and I got complimented on how much more professional I looked than the other students there because of my hair, and when you're 23 and a law student, you need that.
I'm considering growing it out this summer because Lynsey is here and not in Michigan, and so I might have her just give me the bob from photo 2 again, which will grow out much better than my high-maintenance style (expensive, but worth it to cut every month). I may grow it back out into a bob for the wedding so it can be pulled back just a little, but I haven't decided. My hair grows at least .5 an inch a month, so I can wait until next spring to decide. I do know I have neither the patience or time to maintain growing my hair out long again, and I plan to have short hair in the future, so why would I want to look unlike myself? My mom has had the same haircut for 25 years, but in her wedding pictures its long and she looks so different.
So I'm looking into the options for hairdos and accessories for short-haired brides. I think I might do a veil attached to a cute ribbon wrapped headband or a birdcage veil, for the ceremony, and then maybe just some kind of cute hair flower or tiara for the reception.
Does anybody else have short hair? Any ideas in mind? I could have sworn that one of the wedding sites did a roundup of short haired brides and hairdos, but I can't find it - does somebody have the link?
We're planning to go dress shopping next weekend, so I'm gonna try on veils there and see if any of the styles work more or less with short hair (and will it stay in if there is no hair to keep it there?)


  1. Yay! I am glad you are another bride with short hair. Why are all these wedding websites focused on the up-do as if all brides have long hair! I tried on a few veils at the bridal store this past weekend. I do not think I am sold on the idea. I think I will put something in my hair, but I am not sure what that will be. Flowers? Head band? If I come across any short hair ideas (that are not for flower girls), I will send you the link.

  2. I have very short, curly brown hair. I think the thing I love most about short hair is how easy it is (as long as I get it cut regularly) and how I don't really need to work on it at all and it makes me look professional and put together. Unfortunately, I am not a veil person or a hair adornment person, so I don't have any advice, really. I'm planning on just styling my hair as normal for the wedding, and hopefully finding some beautiful amazing earrings to feel fancy and dressed up. I think a headband with a flower or something else attached would work quite well, however.
    Mostly I just wanted to comment and let you know that there ARE other short haired brides out there!