Monday, March 2, 2009

Short Dress Bride

So an outdoor wedding in September or early October is pretty much an invite to be a short dress bride.
Mr. M-A is having some trouble envisioning a short dress so I promised to help him out.
First of all, here are some possible styles - Mrs. Onion at Weddingbee did a Short Dress Roundup recently.
First a couple shots of Mrs. Onion:
Mrs. Candy Corn also just got married and rocked a short vintage dress.
A short dress won't have hem issues with it dragging in the ground, plus it will be easier to dance in. I have nice legs, so I'm not self conscious about them. How pretty would this be?
Right - plus they're cheaper - this is available from J.Crew for $225 and could even be dyed after the wedding to reuse.

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