Saturday, March 7, 2009

So what's with the multiple personalities?

Tonight Mark (Mr. M-A) pointed out to me that a wedding is not about me (although the issue of Brides magazine that showed up today begs to differ), it is about us. Which is certainly true. And he expressed a desire to contribute to our planning blog. Him being all fancy-pants smart, the new title was his idea - and everyone I had sent the blog link to said, "man, mid-atlantic wedding? lameo and uncreative!" So I like Wedding For Two (although since we are both avid tea drinkers, Tea for Two would be cute too. And then it could be our married blog also. But alas, it appears to be taken.) It also embodies what I hope the spirit of our wedding will be - an egalitarian and feminist beginning to an egalitarian and feminist marriage.

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