Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things that give me the heebie-jeebies

So I may have mentioned that my mom is a doctor. And not very mom-ish, in a good way. My mom can be weirdly un-feminine. She wears a lot of pink, and skirts, and likes ruffles, but she hates makeup. Like, actually hates it. Whenever she had to do a training video at work, she would come home and be like, "they put all this gunk on my face - what do you have to take it off?" She generally doesn't do cosmetics. I tried to convince her that she should use a separate face soap than regular soap. And also a daily face lotion with an SPF. She was having none of it. Like I said, a low maintenance lady.
I'm better about the face soap and lotion (like, I wear it at least 40% of the time) and I do wear makeup when I have to go to an event or look professional or have extra time on my hands.
However, I'm not going to have somebody do my makeup. If they are going to do my makeup, they are going to do it using products I already own or purchase specifically for my own use. Why?
Because sharing makeup gives me the heebie-jeebies. You know what one of the things I don't need on my wedding day is? Pinkeye. I just picture bacteria swimming in all of the pots of makeup that a makeup artist would use, and I shudder. I had my makeup done once before, and I felt so painted, and so disgusting, that all I wanted to do was go home and take it off.
My desire to not go near the makeup counter mostly comes from my mother, who was always warning us to never share eye makeup or lipstick. Since there is not really any regulation of cosmetic artists that I know of, I don't feel confident that even if the artist is totally careful about their products, it will be particularly hygenic. This goes triple for the people who just go to a makeup counter to get a free makeover, because the chances that the samples are contaminated are high.
What skeeves you out?

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