Monday, March 23, 2009

Vegetarian Wedding

This is cross-posted from my cooking blog (, but I don't think too many of my readers from there read this, or vice versa.
Okay, so I contacted a vegetarian caterer in Bethesda to gauge how much food costs if you have it catered to a place like my church. (Also to see what kind of vegetarian food they suggest. I can't serve tofu at our wedding, I just can't.)
This was the food they/I suggested (I told them it would be fall, which is why there is so much pumpkin on the menu...and does pumpkin lasagna sound fantastic or weird?)

Veggie Platter with Hummus
Warm Artichoke Spinach Dip with Melba & Crusty Baguette Spears
Filo Triangles Stuffed with Pumpkin or your choice
Roasted Veggie or Pumpkin Lasagna
Ratatouille and Grilled Polenta Moons OR Veggie Chili
Romaine or Spinach Salad with Vinaigrette (chef's suggestion)
Artisan Bread & Butter
Coffee/Tea Service
Cranberry Punch

Does this sound like food that carnivores would eat? I think it sounds amazing. Particularly pumpkin lasagna. Or roasted vegetable lasagna. Does veggie chili or ratatouille sound like something I would spill all over my dress?
The cost breakdown that we were quoted comes out to about $60-70 per person, including delivery and labor, which is well in line with a lot of places that we have looked at - but doesn't include the usual 3-4k rental cost of the facility, or some of the other charges, like chairs/tables, etc. which usually drive the cost up - but we haven't figured out yet what the church would provide as far as chairs and tables, so that may drive up the per-person cost as well.
This caterer is a local vegetarian caterer who uses fresh, seasonal, local organic ingredients whenever possible. This is someplace that would be a good place to put our money where our mouth is, and "spend smart".
My only problem with this place is that everything is not only vegetarian, it's vegan. Which means - no brie and cranberry in phyllo pastries as appetizers...and I have no idea what will be in their spinach dip. I'm kind of wondering if we can get the appetizers from somewhere else - that way we could serve something with meat or dairy or whatever. We can bring the cake from somewhere else, so why not the appetizers?

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