Monday, March 2, 2009

Venue hunting

Okay, so I feel discouraged. I emailed the woman from a vineyard (Boordy) we wanted to check out this morning, and she responded with "we don't do weddings of that size" even though their website says they do. I'm disappointed - it looked pretty perfect! It was also very close to 95. She suggested another vineyard that is way further out of the way, who I contacted but haven't heard back from.
Why is there not a giant forest north of Baltimore that we can get married in and then tent up for the reception? All of the places that fit the "giant forest" description are out in Thurmont/Emmitsburg or Hagerstown and I would much prefer somewhere that isn't so out there.
Part of my problem is I don't really want to do work - I want it to be a place that has a website and lets us do everything via e-mail. I suffer from massive phone-phobia. But I think I want to get married someplace where people say, "huh - I didn't know you could get married there." Which will require getting on the phone and finding out whether we can get married there. Which is daunting. Fortunately, we have a year and a half to plan, so I can procrastinate. A lot.

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  1. It's so hard to find all the elements you want...we had a really easy time once we knew it was going to be here in Baltimore....we seriously looked at Kent Manor Inn..the place is GORGEOUS!