Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay, so I'm gonna depart from the WEdding for a bit and talk about some wedding details that I'm pretty sure Mark won't really care about.
I don't know if vintage has always been "in" or if it's just been the last few years, but man, vintage is in. Truth is - I don't care for vintage wedding style. I do like vintage, in small doses. I have a few cool vintage necklaces that my grandmother gave me (they're vintage style, not actually hers.) I have some other vintage jewelry that is actually heirloom. I like to paw through my mom and grandma's old clothes.
But I don't really get the having a vintage style/theme wedding. I guess it is helpful to have a central concept to arrange your decor around. I like the idea of incorporating some vintage elements into the wedding. I keep thinking that a really cool wedding theme for us would be travel - and we could use an old world map as the base for our color palatte - light blue, dark green, and splashes of tan/light brown - and if we do that, it would be fun to use some vintage suitcases as possible photo props and as a card repository (I have a carpet bag that would be fantastic!). But I wonder if there isn't a point where the theme feels a bit too costume-y.
Also, I find that fabric doesn't age well, and gets stiff and itchy. Plus, vintage dresses tend to be clingy. I don't do clingy. I'm not judging anybody else for liking vintage - some people have gorgeous vintage weddings. I just feel like I might feel a little out of place as a guest.
I guess it is purely a question of personal preference, but I think I prefer a slightly more modern feel as far as decor, and a slightly more classical feeling when it comes to dresses.
(All of these statements will be retracted if we have a halloween wedding, because the point will be to be in costume.)

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