Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wasn't saying "yes" enough?

Mark's birthday is next Sunday, and frankly, I've neglected it. Do I really have to get him a gift now that I've agreed to be his wife and stuff?
Maybe I'll just stalk him while we're in England (leaving tomorrow, going for a week, so posting will be light) and when he puts things down in souvenir shops, I'll sneak up behind him and buy them.
Or I suppose I could get him a real gift. He doesn't really need much though, cuz he has me.
How do you keep the magic of gift-giving though, after 6 years and once you share finances and buy the things you need together? I've already used his birthdays & Christmas to dress him better - new ties, shirts, a suit, and a watch. (This might sound horrible but I realize he hasn't introduced himself yet - he's an engineer. When we met, he would occasionally wear his shorts with a giant hole in the back to family lunches.) I've used it to buy him gifts that I secretly want for myself since we live together and I get to play with him.
I could make him something, but he has enough stuff and nicknacks and framed pictures of us.
I could take him out to dinner, but lets be real - I'm going to do that anyway.
So what do you buy the man you live with, share everything with, and have run out of gift ideas for?

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