Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wedding Equipment

Okay - so I'm trying not to let the wedding be my excuse for buying things - like the cuttlebug I desperately want but have no room for. But I have been thinking a little bit about wedding "equipment", much of which is swooned about by the Indie-DIY-WIC.
I have no desire to own a Gocco - sure, they make pretty stuff, but I'm seriously gonna use that for the wedding and then never again. We have a very limited amount of space, and I am a slob. Like, seriously, need professional help, slob. I'm sitting here surrounded by the ever-present threat of an avalanche. So any craft related stuff I buy for the wedding must be accompanied by me throwing away craft related stuff that I don't use.
Really, anything I buy for the wedding should be accompanied by me throwing away stuff. Really, every day should start with me throwing away stuff.
The crafting appliances that others seem to find really helpful are xyron machines, color printers, goccos, heat embossers, and sewing machines.
Of these, I own a heat embosser and a sewing machine. They were the cheapest, as the heat embosser was $12 with a coupon and the sewing machine was free because I stole it. (From my mom, and she got the good one, but I still feel a bit guilty sometimes.)
I want to do craft projects for the wedding, but I want to do them with equipment I already own and don't get to use. I don't want to use the wedding as an "excuse" to do anything except go cake tasting. If I buy a piece of crafting equipment, it has to be something that will actually be useful for other stuff (like a die-cut machine would be).
I want to come up with sewing projects that will let me finally sew more than halloween costumes. I'm considering consulting some books and craft magazines for ideas of things I can make (200 chair cushions? no thanks. table runners? yes please - I'll get the serger out of storage!).
Did you buy any equipment for your wedding? And do you use it for anything else?

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