Monday, March 2, 2009

Wedding Planning Buddies

So I know two people who have also gotten engaged in the last month - meaning I have wedding planning buddies!
I have a cousin and a second cousin who are now planning, added to my friend from college. All weddings are going to be at different times - we are currently bringing up the rear, but we are among the first of my friends to get engaged, so its not a big deal.
Last summer was my sister's wedding, so I have leg up on venue hunting and planning compared to some people. I'm also moving to Michigan for the summer, so venue hunting has to happen now or it has to happen in September, and I would prefer now.
So here is the real question when it comes to planning buddies - do you give them all your secrets or do you hold something back? If they are friends and you don't know anyone else who will be at the wedding, you can share everything. But when they are family, you have to wonder if you will both fall in love with the same reception place and then have your wedding in the same place.
I think I'm okay with this prospect, because if you have different colors and a different caterer, it doesn't really matter. But so much of wedding planning is thinking you'll be fine with something and then not being okay with it.

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