Saturday, April 25, 2009

The case for e-mail thank you notes and invites

Okay. So I know thank you note / invitation emails are totally tacky. But have you guys seen the price of airmail stamps? It's $0.94 - and this is before the postal rate hikes that are coming in May! It's actually more than twice the rate of a standard stamp, which is annoying - when I was younger, you could just put 2 $0.29 stamps on something and that covered the airmail rate (which I believe was $0.44, the new stamp rate). And there is no value on the forever stamps, so you seemingly are unable to simply put two forever stamps on an envelope and hope it gets there.
I would say that there will be at least 20 invitations going out overseas to Mark's family and our good family friends who are scattered 'round the globe - and while an extra dollar an invite won't be that much, it adds up! Which makes me wonder if maybe exploring some kind of really nice email invitation wouldn't be worth it for some folks...
There's evite, and I know that some of the wedding websites will let you send out email invitations with the same design scheme as your wedding website. We might actually use that option for anybody who is nomadic and constantly changing their address or lives someplace where they don't get mail. (You laugh, but the Egyptian mail service leaves a lot to be desired.) One friend mentioned yesterday the number of bounceback invites they've dealt with and that made me think it might be nice to send out an e-vitation from our wedding website about 3 weeks after our invites go out, which at the very least will serve as an RSVP reminder.
There is also, which seems so far to have a nice interface, although I've never actually used it.
Invitations I can get on board with doing electronically for our overseas guests (who can use the internet.) However, thank you notes? That just seems like a huge no-no! Also, financially speaking, I make my own thank you notes - and have a fairly large supply of cardstock - so it would not cost me additional money to send them. I can also use up older stamps - I have a number of $.032 stamps around somewhere, and the number of "added value" stamps I would have to add to those would be ridiculous. Plus a lot of them are christmassy. I used 3 snowflake $0.39 stamps to mail our thank you notes to England. At the same time, it would be great if there was some way to send a lovely and thoughtful thank you note (not an e-card with flashing dancingy ponies or whatever). Maybe Someecards has the answer....

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  1. I have a bunch of thank you note stamps from stampin up :-) I'd be on board for helping you with Thanks yous :-) Although I must say, they are pretty cheap to order too