Monday, April 13, 2009

Engagement Ring Budget

I heard about this exhibit this morning - its a series of pictures of engagement rings that people from different professions could buy. My first problem with this is that just because somebody makes a certain amount doesn't mean that they have that amount on hand - so if you work in a profession where you make ends meet, you don't have the ability to save 2 months salary, so this is probably pretty skewed in reality. Since it doesn't really have a sense of scale, I actually thought that the rings all sorta look the same. I guess the ones a fast food cook could buy are smaller than the ones the A-List Actor can buy...

If you look at the statement, the girl is showing off her 3/4 carat diamond engagement ring and people are telling her, "it says he tried his hardest, but that wasn't good enough." Somebody said, "its good, for a friendship ring." Since the total weight of my ring is only a bit larger than 3/4 of a carat, and the center stone is .35 carats, I think that those people are all completely ridiculous. Since Mark custom designed my ring, we decided to use the stone I already had from my aunt because that way we could put more money into the custom design - but we set a budget early on and it was nowhere near two months salary, even before we knew we would be using the stone we already had. There was simply a limit to how much money I was comfortable putting on my hand. (We actually saved money in three ways - by using a stone we already had, by choosing Palladium as the metal, and by getting it custom designed, which means we're not paying for pre-purchased inventory by the jeweler that is sold at a higher price to compensate for rings he/she can't sell.)
But the lady at the checkout at the Le Creuset Store complimented my ring and I don't think she thought it was a friendship ring.
(Totally gratuitous ring shot...I'm not bragging at all...about my awesome "budget" ring...)

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  1. I'll take a custom ring over a store bought one any day! But to each her/his own.....