Tuesday, April 14, 2009


OMG. I just found a caterer that serves mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup shots!
You guys! That's like, my dream wedding.
It's a cocktail menu for a "Casual yet Swanky Affair" from Chef's Expressions caterers. Since it's looking more likely that we will go with a place that involves getting an outside caterer, we are trying to pull together quotes from a couple of local caterers so we have a ballpark for how much they cost.
So now I'm trying to come up with my dream "casual-swanky" wedding. I think I've already mentioned my desire for a gourmet fish & chips station (breaded salmon with sweet potato fries, panko breaded talapia with garlic-rosemary fries),maybe some kind of (neat) taco/burrito station, gourmet mac&cheese or a mac & cheese station, tapas...
And as far as my princess dress goes, if I can go to the liquor store in a ballgown, I think I'm certainly the kind of girl who can eat mac&cheese at her wedding.

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  1. Chef's Expressions was one of out top 2 caterers...they have EXCELLENT food! We decided to go with another caterer b/c CE was slightly higher than what we wanted to spend....but their food is GREAT!