Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ms. Cheese's post on her invitations was hysterical to me. But my favorite part is this:
"Is it perfectly color-coordinated? Nah. Am I happy with the quality of the envelopes (they’ve haunted my dreams)? No. Are those even our “wedding colors” (even though I’m back to “green like the grass, blue like the sky, yellow like the sun, pink like flowers…” when anyone asks)? Nope. It’ll be okay. People will still come, and I can do an ice cream bar with the money saved on invites."
You gotta love a couple with priorities.
I find myself eyeing the DIY invite kits they have at Michael's and Staples and A.C. Moore. I think that Martha Stewart started coming out with them - they were really cute. Also, how adorable are these DIY Pocket Folds? Or there is the cheaper but still nice "elegant swirls" kit. I believe that a really nice invitation is a good way to give your guests a glimpse at your wedding - but a really plain one isn't going to make people RSVP "no". And if you can have an ice cream bar instead???

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