Sunday, April 19, 2009

My wedding alter ego

So somewhere out there is my wedding alter ego. She's the girl who gets a tattoo on her shoulder with her wedding date and rocks brightly colored high heels (Jimmy Choo, natch.) to go with this dress:
Which she had the ability to spend $3,600 on over at the boutique. They have an awesome but offbeat wedding at the Visionary Arts Museum and serve everyone sushi and have a bar made entirely of ice. They get a cake from Charm City Cakes shaped like something fantastic. Everything is very upscale and eclectic. The bridesmaids all wear floor-length silk Vera Wang gowns which are in a color that can never be worn again. The groomsmen all wear pinstripe tuxes. The centerpieces are live tropical fishtanks with saltwater reef fish in them.

My wedding alter ego isn't some dream wedding I'm afraid to have. It's just a great wedding if I was somebody else. Or if it was at all realistic (you can't put saltwater reef fish in a centerpiece, they would die.) It's just every once in awhile, I have the desire to plan somebody else's wedding. I want our wedding to reflect us - but sometimes I'll see something that I think is fantastic, and then have to eventually remind myself that it isn't me, or Mark, or something our guests would enjoy. (I think only half of our guests would be pleased with sushi. And only three of them would want a fish.) That dress though, is totally me. The not-me part is the spending $3,600 on a dress. This alter-ego's wedding is not particularly practical, it does not have an eye towards reusability, but that is why I have my eco-chic wedding alter ego as well (who gets married in a hemp dress at a park that used to be a landfill and serves everyone organic food that she grew in her container garden herself.)

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  1. I have the exact same two wedding alter egos! I hope I can stay focused on the non-alter-ego us for the next 11 months.