Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oops. I did it again.

This is the fourth time in a week that I have left my ring sitting innocently at home. Since I've been working from home so much with exams, and I don't tend to put it on when I'm at home, or because I'll start doing the dishes and take it off, I keep forgetting it. It's safe - I have one of these guys by the sink:
and an eyeglass holder that doubles as a ring holder by my bed. So I know my ring is safe...but its two miles away!
Do other people do this? I know some people sleep in their rings, but I'm afraid it will fall off. I also don't wear it to do dishes because it is a little on the loose side and I'm terrified it will slip down the drain (I really hate reaching into the garbage disposal.) Any ideas on how I can be sure to remember my ring? Before I pull out of my parking space and see that it is not innocently sparkling on my hand?


  1. I kept mine by my cell phone :) So as long as I remembered my phone I'd remember my ring (This might not work so well for you :-P )

    I would still forget every once in a while if I was working from home in the morning or something because I would already have my cell phone.

    I now just wear it all the time :-)

  2. Before we got engaged, I wondered whether I'd always wear my engagement ring - I used to wear other rings and jewelry all the time, but they were usually the first things that would come off when I got home. I asked for a low setting because I was worried I wouldn't want to wear it as often if it kept on getting in the way - and now that I've gotten used to it, I wear it all the time (sleep, shower, workout, cooking).
    Mine is a little loose though, and I'm contemplating having it sized down a little bit - but I'm waiting until the summer, when my fingers typically swell a bit, to decide. I've also switched it to my right hand a couple of times (the ring finger on my right hand is slightly bigger) when I was worried it was going to fall off, since my hands were so cold.