Saturday, April 4, 2009

This is going to be our friends in a year and a half.

Seriously. I'm pretty sure that this is how all of my single friends will feel (and I have a number) at our wedding. We're gonna be so. sick. of. weddings. so I want to make sure they don't sit there at the wedding and feel obligated to dance to crappy music and eat lousy food. Since we want the wedding to be fun instead of ritzy or glamorous, we can take a more casual approach to helping our friends not feel like our wedding is yet. another. wedding.
So what do we do about it?
1.) No singles table. Sit our friends with each other.
2.) Don't invite people we don't know. (I already lost this, but I'm hoping to know at least 90% of the attendees.)
3.) Don't make the bridesmaids wear the same dress that they hate.
4.) Don't assign seats? (We're on the fence on this.)
5.) Have something fun or interesting besides dancing for people to do. (I remember middle school dances where they had a game room with chess and checkers and connect four and other board games - both the venues we checked out yesterday had a room upstairs where people could go to just chill out - and I think this could be fun. And cheap to procure, cuz we own a lot of board games already.) I would love it if there was someplace that had like, a couple pool tables for people to chill out at.
6.) Have the DJ play fun dance songs, instead of slow dance waltzes. Music is Mark's department anyway.
7.) Lawn games - all three places we've looked at have some green space where we could set up croquet, badminton, beer hand nuke 'em, bocce ball, whatever - as long as people will play, we'll set it up. (Yes, people will be wearing nice clothes - but we get to dictate the dress code, which I think will be "afternoon tea".) Or we might rent a moon bounce for the kids (I saw this idea in the latest issue of Brides and it strikes me as fantastic.)
8.) Serve cake or have a dessert buffet. I am a big believer in the providing extra pieces of cake for people. I think we will cut the cake, pass out the pieces, and then leave the extra pieces on the cake table. At weddings, I am always trolling for cake. Or we could have a dessert buffet.
Any other ideas for how to have a fun wedding?

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  1. We'll be using board games as centerpieces. I'm excited about that - but instead of dancing (we're not dancers) we'll have Live Action Bar Trivia.

    I'm particularly stoked about this - it's something we did independently with friends before we met, so we have a long history of bar trivia, and it focuses the attention on friendly competition and having fun together, rather than on how badly we pretend to have rhythm in front of loved ones just because WIC says we MUST.HAVE.DANCING.

    Our categories will be things like gossip-celebrity-couples or "Something Blue" - not a bunch of self-involved "how well do you know the couple" stuff. It will be hosted by our esteemed MOH and BM - and we'll play along with our friends. I'm really really really excited about this plan.

    I love reading your blog for ideas, too, btw - thanks!