Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wedding Dress Hypocrisy

Shortly after I bought my dress, Mark implied that I might be a bit of a hypocrite. Why?
Because I bought my dress 2 sizes too small. However, it is not with the intention of giving me an incentive to lose weight (my suit from last summer that is tight is already doing that). It was because I love the dress, and I know it will look great if I add a corset back to it, which I wanted anyway.

Nonetheless, my suit is on the tight side, so I've been revitalizing my workout routine. I find that it is often just making changes to a routine that can help push you over a weight-loss hump. I've started the 30-day shred - since I was not new to working out, I moved up to level 2 almost immediately. So far, despite the ass-kicking that Jillian doles out, I haven't felt a huge difference, but it's really only been every other day for about three weeks, so I'm not expecting much to happen immediately. According to the scale yesterday, I have managed to lose about a pound. I was hoping to drop 8lbs in the month before I start my job, but that is looking unlikely, as I am unwilling to give up eating.

In the past two days, I have noticed more improvements in strength - I have managed to be able to do the full squat thrusts as well as suffer through the entire plank twist. I would say that for anybody who is looking to develop upper body strength and tone and definition, this is an excellent workout. I use a combination of 3lb weights (I have carpal tunnel which it turns out affects more than my typing speed), 8lb weights, and a resistance band. If, like me, you think lunges are the most intolerable thing ever, this is also a good workout, because you have to do lunges. Or Jillian will hunt you down and kill you. If you are looking to be badass, scary, and tough as nails, I would recommend getting a real personal trainer to put you through hell - 30 Day Shred is more about toning and definition, and getting a really good workout in a short period of time. (To be fair, some days, I would rather phone it in for an hour at the gym.)

I really like that this is a weight workout I can do at home - the weight room at the UB gym kinda sucks. I also can totally motivate myself to elliptical or treadmill for 45-50 minutes, but when it comes to lifting, I just want to get out of there. I wasn't like that back when I had a lifting buddy, so I don't know what has changed except I now find weight lifting totally boring. That being said, lifting weights builds muscle mass and prevents osteoperosis, so I wanted to start lifting again. Also Mark started rock climbing about a year ago, and I've been going with him some, so I wanted to beef up my upper body strength. (Still can't do a full push-up. It's pretty embarassing. Also embarassing is dropping your fiance because you have no upper-body strength and can't lower him properly.) Plus, I know that developing hip and ab strength will help me increase my time for running and for hockey. There are a lot of benefits to building better muscle mass and only one of them might be looking better in my dress.

It is also a workout that I can take to Michigan with me, in case I do not feel like paying the $200 for a gym out there, and for $8.99, it is cheaper than a lot of other workout videos. I appreciate that it has 3 levels, but I can see doing level 2 for 10 days in a row or something getting really dull. One of my older favorite workout DVDs has 3 different workouts - cardio, strength, and potpurri, so you can do any one of them, and they each have modifications. However, they no longer make that DVD and the trainers were super annoying.

Does anybody else have workout goals that are not really related to their wedding? Are you using your wedding as an incentive to step up your routine? Do you resent it when people imply that you should want to lose weight or get in better shape for your wedding?

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