Thursday, May 7, 2009


Since one of the reasons I started this blog was because I was frustrated that there was not enough information and community out there among Maryland brides, and also because it is so freakin' hard to find pictures of local venues, and I didn't want to have to visit 12 venues just because there were no pictures of them available.
So I'm contemplating starting a flickr account for people to post pictures from their venue visits on. Would anybody actually do this? There would be nothing in it for you except paying forward good wedding planning karma. I would set up the account and then you would just upload pictures and label them with the venue.
Be honest: good idea/bad idea? If it's just going to be me uploading, I'll stick with Picasa....
I realize you can just upload pictures to Project Wedding but nobody does! I sometimes get lucky with a google image search, or one through picasa or flickr, but how great would it be if there was just a huge MD Wedding database out there?
So thoughts? Would you actually use it? Do you want other people to use it? How much time would a plethora of online pictures saved you in your venue hunt?
(And seriously, how did people plan weddings without the internet? Is that why so many people just got married in their backyards?)


  1. What a great idea! Although personally, the lack of price quotes online frustrated me more than the lack of pictures (like you, I don't like calling people). I think I would find it more useful (and more likely to contribute) if there was a way to put up more information than just photographs, but that may just be a personal preference.

  2. I've thought about that - I too felt extremely frustrated by that...but at the same time, for some reason I have been extremely hesitant to just lay out there what every single venue we have looked at costs. I don't know why that is, except I'm almost afraid of getting in "trouble", like that somehow the vendor will contact me and be like "we don't want this information to public". Also, with many venues, pricing is a more complex concept - like there will be a ceremony fee, and its more on a Saturday night than a Sunday, etc.

  3. You're right - I'm sure venues don't like to post prices for that exact reason.
    And it's a difficult balancing game to play, trying to put up helpful information but in an organized way. Perhaps pictures will be a great way to start! Unfortunately, I've forgotten to bring my camera to all 3 venues we've visited so far...but if we go to any more, and this project gets rolling, I promise to post some pictures!

  4. that is a killer idea... and if we hadn't already decided on a venue, i would totally help you out.


  5. No need to start a separate Flickr account - just create a group ( and everyone can post their photos to it. You may also be able to pull in photos that are already out there (for instance, the photos of Savage Mill Great Room from someone else's visit that convinced me we should check it out). It would be nice also to be able to link to photographers' galleries - maybe we could set that up as a page on here.

  6. I would totally help you out with this, I don't have a ton of pictures since we only looked at a couple of venues and then chose ours, but we are on a very tight budget and the options weren't that many for us. However, I would be glad to share what I do have

  7. I'm a little late here, but I've just started planning and am having a difficult time trying to decide which places to visit because, as you've pointed out, it's hard to find photos of venues. Especially with historic homes, etc; there are photos of particular rooms, but not necessarily of where the reception and/or ceremony will take place. We're also planning from out of town, so we can't really take a weekend here and a weekend there to tour venues. It's so frustrating!

  8. @eclpse - try stalking some of the well-known photographers in the area - they will usually have shot a wedding at most of the venues. Sometimes its enough to give you an idea.
    If you're particularly interested in some place, you can always ask them for pictures since you are planning long distance. I'm sure a lot of places would be happy to oblige, or to send you info about a recent couple that got married there that might be able to share pictures.
    Also check Flickr - some people will post pictures of their local venue hunt.