Thursday, May 7, 2009

Champagne Toasting Flutes

Are you really supposed to bring like, your own champagne glasses to your wedding venue just to toast with? I mean, seriously?
I will tell you that right off the bat, I think that this would be a massive hassle. You have to bring your own glasses and make sure that you take them home. But at the same get to keep your champagne glasses and forever have a reminder of your wedding and when you use them you can say, "we used these on our wedding day." Similar to bringing your own cake server. Which I think we are more likely to do.
I had written off this idea entirely, because we have 2 margarita glasses, 2 white wine glasses from Pier 1, 4 crappy Ikea wine glasses, 2 handblown glasses (left from a set of six...oops), a set of martini glasses...and that's it. No champagne glasses. We might register for them, but uh, I hate champagne.
Then I remembered that I have a set of champagne glasses. I think my grandmother bought them and when she died, my dad asked my grandfather if my sister and I could have them. For some reason, he loves them. My mom doesn't drink, and neither, really, did my grandfather, so I've never seen them used. They're that flatter vintage style and they are rose colored glass.
They are champagne glasses that would probably make anybody with a vintage themed wedding drool. We don't have a vintage themed wedding. As much as I would love the gesture of using a family heirloom to toast with, I also wouldn't want to risk not getting the glasses back, because they are important to my dad and therefore I feel like they should be important to me.

I have also seen fun hand-decorated toasting flutes. This is something I could get on board with - buy some Ikea wine glasses (if somebody would quit breaking ours, we'll just use those), buy some glass etching creme, and then you have toasting glasses. (I'll be toasting with wine - preferably some Barefoot Vineyards Moscatto.)

Does anybody understand the point of toasting glasses?

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  1. I also have seen people gifted them at a shower, so maybe you'll get some? While I think the idea of using a family heirloom to toast with is lovely, if it's not your style, then maybe it won't work. BUT I also think you can task a responsible family member (sister, cousin, aunt or uncle) to be in charge of making sure these glasses make it out of the venue.