Friday, May 29, 2009

Charity Idea: Equality Center

So California upheld Prop 8 and the conservatives are setting their sights on New York as the next Mecca of Bigotry. (I normally don't go around calling people that oppose gay marriage bigots, because I do understand their perspective. Everybody is different and different people believe different things. But this is America, and everyone here is equal under the constitution and under the law. And when you stage an entire ad campaign based around how horrible it will be to have to accept people even though they are different than you, I think it is bigoted. You do have to accept people who are different than you - and you have to accept that gay people exist, whether they can get married or not, whether you like it or not. Also, teaching kids about homosexuality in schools in not a bad thing. If we can give our children a more tolerant world than we ourselves had, I think that is a step in the right direction.)
Anyway, if you are starting to feel discouraged and are wondering about how to use your wedding to show your support for gay rights or for same sex marriage (oh, and you wouldn't mind having a fabulous venue in the middle of downtown Washington?), look no further. The Equality Center is the place for you! The space can fit up to 100 people for a seated reception and up to 150 for a cocktail reception. (Although according to Gathering Guide, its 150 seated/300 standing.)
I think that part of the original idea behind the Equality Center (I remember reading this a long time ago) was to create a space where same-sex couples could get married without having to worry about whether or not the venue would accept them. I always thought that was a great idea, and even with more and more venues ready, willing, and able to perform same-sex marriages, there still exist some that aren't.
You could also add a note in your programs a la A Practical Wedding that talks about your commitment to same-sex marriage and the fact that you would like to see marriage equality for everyone, regardless of their gender, sometime in the future.

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  1. I think bigoted is the right word! Opposition to gay marriage is something I just don't understand. Hopefully one day it'll be a distant part of history, just like when interracial marriages were considered illegal.