Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Close to home

Ellie and I were discussing locations with her mom recently, and as we found ourselves disagreeing on some of the details of the wedding weekend extravaganza, logic brought us to several conclusions that hadn't been explicitly stated previously. I kind of wish I knew logic notation right now so I could be cool enough to state this formally...

  • We will have a rehearsal dinner for the bridal party, close family, and out-of-town guests
  • We will have a post-dinner bar event that we can invite more of our friends to.
  • 95% of our friends live in or near either Baltimore or DC, or somewhere in between
  • Probability of people attending any given event increases proportionally to their proximity to it
  • DC is sufficiently close to Baltimore that they can be considered the same region (our DC-area friends mostly live on the north / Baltimore-ward side of town. I can only think of two people who may be coming from northern Virginia)
  • Out-of-town guests will be staying somewhere reasonably close to the wedding location
  • Bride and groom will spend the night somewhere reasonably close to the wedding location
  • The rehearsal dinner needs to be close to the out-of-town-guests, meaning close to the wedding location
  • The bar event needs to be close to our friends, meaning close to DC/Baltimore
  • The bar event needs to be close to where the bride and groom are staying, preferably within stumbling distance of the hotel
  • The rehearsal dinner, bar event, and wedding location all need to be close to DC/Baltimore. We won't be getting married here, or here, or here. On the plus side, it may still be feasible to have our bar event here if we get married somewhere more or less in the city. You may have noticed this trend in the more recent location posts - less Havre de Grace, more Baltimore and close-in suburbs.
Alternative conclusion:
  • We have a destination wedding, all the events take place in one location, and we only have 50 people show up.

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  1. If you plan to do anything at Brewer's Art I recommend that you book well in advance of the date - particularly for a rehearsal event. It is a very popular location in Baltimore. We had hoped to do the same, but were told they were booked last year for October 3rd of this year. Good luck! Love the blog!