Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Wedding Weightloss Propaganda

Alright. So I think I've established that nobody should be expected or encouraged to lose weight for their wedding (I am looking at you, Facebook!!!!). However, if you have a friend who, like me, bought their dress 2 sizes too small and you don't want to be the one who has to sew them into their dress when they bust the seams, you can always send them this lovely e-card from the CDC.
It links to this page, which includes helpful diet and exercise tips, as well as tips that are actually helpful. I appreciate the tips on smoke free venues, testing cosmetics, and being careful with hair dyes, plus that injury free footwear tip? Awesome! Also other very interesting tips that I'm sure that other people haven't thought of, so it was good to see the list. Unfortunately, the first two tips are diet and exercise, making it likely that whatever bride you send it to will:
1.) Be so offended that you think she's fat that she closes the window and never speaks to you again
2.) Think she's already read it because every wedding planning website includes diet and exercise tips.

Oh, and for that bridesmaid you think has syphillis? There's a card for that too.
(Check out Jezebel for some more commentary. Other CDC e-cards (so you can tell your friend to start washing her hands more) available here.)

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