Monday, May 25, 2009

Whirlwind weekend

I had a pretty wedding heavy weekend - bachelorette party on Saturday and wedding on Sunday. Both were excellent in their own way. I am now in the process of moving cross country (why in the process? because I'm writing this post ON the Michigan Flyer shuttle bus...they have wireless!) So it's been a crazy weekend and many a post will be generated about it.
I was on a plane with about 100 cranky travelers (and some of moderate temperment) many of whom seemed to be families returning from weddings. After spending three days together, all of them kept snapping at each other. I was seated between the stereotype of a Jewish/Italian/Nosybusybody Mother and Daughter (daughter was probably 50s) and a bickering family, one of whom had lost something on a bus and all of whom were busily blaming another member of the family for losing it. They also carried their Out of Town Basket (complete with Berger cookies!) onto the plane, which led me to conclude that tote bags or some kind of flexible/disposable bags are absolutely necessary and that under no circumstances will we be putting plastic flowers in the basket, it just looks silly and gives people something else to carry around.
The Mother/Daughter team (whose conversations all were along the lines of discussing their children and other people's children and what mistakes said children were all making with their lives) got to talking about the wedding they were at and I found their conversation interesting. They were comparing various weddings they had been to - specifically on the issue of band versus D.J. One woman was complaining about how at one wedding the couple had an awful DJ (instead of a classy band, beacuse that is what the young people do these days), and that he played "that awful jump song" right at the beginnning "and all the young people were on the dance floor but the rest of us couldn't go out there".
Since the wedding I was at last night had a DJ who bordered on Cheesy - he made us play games, which just got weird, but more on that later - I could sympathize - especially because as the night wore on, the dance floor emptied and most of the people older than 30 didn't dare venture back out. The DJ even took requests at the beginning of the night - but didn't play any of them. I think that requests might be key to making sure you get music that makes everyone feel welcome on the dance floor.
Any other ideas for how to get everybody to feel like they can get down and jiggy with it? (Even if they don't know what that means?)

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