Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last name change

Out here in Michigan I have been trying to use my single last name and "new" shorter initials. This is partly in preparation for my career, and partly in preparation for my "married" last name being half of my current last name.
It's really hard. I don't understand how people do this. I keep writing the wrong initials on food and other stuff I have to initial. I keep messing up and stuttering over my last name when I talk to people on the phone. I forget which last name I gave to people in the past and I don' t know what they have me in their system under.
However, I do love having one last name. It's so simple. It's so easy. Spelling it is cake! My clients call me and they don't sound confused by my last name.
I can understand why people go from unpronounceable last names to "Brown". It's so easy! I can understand why people go from anything with 20 consonants to like, five letters. I mean, I'm not so down with the total identity change, but I understand the desire for simplicity.
How do people get used to it though? The initials thing is really throwing me...any tips?

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