Saturday, June 13, 2009

Other people are just so darn talented.

Check out these invites by evapaul over at Etsy:
I think that this is so cute, with the little green birds on the tree branch and I love the vintage typewriter type...
How cute is this little birdie?
And then there is this guy...for some reason the "handwritten"esque note down in the corner almost makes me want to seems so personal and lovely!
Unfortunately at $4 a pop, these kind of break our "less than a dollar an invite" price range. Although at some point we need to sit down with our spreadsheet and figure out how many people we actually need to send invites to - I think that for 130 people, we'll probably need 50-60 maybe spending $100 or $150 on the invites isn't totally unreasonable. However, considering the degree to which we slashed the budget recently, I think that I will have to settle for using these guys as inspiration when I go to design ours. I think I would ideally go for some combo of the second and fourth....maybe a tree or tree branch with some leaves just changing colors, with a "handwritten" note.
Is anybody else hopelessly in love with something just a wee bit out of range? Also, is it somehow wrong to want to really blatantly take inspiration from something you love that is expensive? Kind of like buying a knock-off or "inspired by" dress? If there are any IP lawyers out there, please stand up!

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  1. I know how you feel! I had to give up my letterpress dream (and as a printmaking major way back when, it was really dear to my heart) for a much mure budget friendly option.