Monday, July 6, 2009

Budget Busters: Brideshare

You've probably seen Bride$hare making it's way around the blogs this week. I think this is totally awesome.
I love the idea of Brideshare. I'm already planning to check in with Irvine closer to the wedding and find out who else is getting married that weekend in hopes that we can get in touch with them and maybe share the cost of renting some fabulous lanterns to decorate the tent with, or the cost of aisle decorations, etc. (I would love it if there was somebody to split the cost of chivari chairs with...)
There are other things I would love to do with Brideshare - like hooking up with somebody who has better or different crafting supplies, like a Gocco or a die cut machine. I would also like to trade services with people - for example, I'll show up at your wedding and collect your centerpieces at the end of the night if you'll do the same for me, or possibly we could get somebody to be our "bartender" if we did the same for them. It's times like this where I wish I had a real marketable skill, like photography or DJing. I do think that I would make a passable Day-of-Coordinator for somebody who was really desperate.
I think Bride$hare definitely has a lot of potential, but only if enough people join it can it really work! So go join, then announce it on your blog so that other people read about it and join it and it grows until everybody uses it!

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