Friday, July 10, 2009

Charitable Ice Cream?

For those of you who are new to the blog, I started Charity Fridays because I feel like weddings are probably one of the most expensive things we will do in our lifetime (second only to buying a house and sending our kids to college), and that anytime you spend many thousands of dollars on something, you should think about where that money goes, who it supports, and how much good it can do. I originally just wanted to showcase different charities that people could donate to in lieu of or in addition to favors, or charities that people can use as their charity to donate to as part of their I Do Foundation registry.
As the project has evolved, we have taken to trying to find other ways to use the money you spend on your wedding for good. This way, when you have your wedding at a venue that is also a charity that you want to help support, or you buy a dress from a foundation that donates the profits to charity, you get what you need for your wedding, and your dollars also go towards something bigger than yourselves and your wedding. I love that the money that we are spending on our wedding will continue to last even after the cake has been eaten and the flowers have wilted. Our venue fee will help keep Irvine running, our floral budget will help keep teaching special needs kids, a percentage of the money spent on gifts will go to a charity we believe in. In this way, the money we spent on the wedding will outlast it. In this way, we are not blowing $15,000 on a single day - we are spending smartly, in a way that supports the community in which we live.
Nobody should feel pressured to make their entire wedding tax-deductible. We will certainly be buying a lot of products that don't have a double-duty bottom line. But if everybody makes an effort to make one decision with their wedding that supports something greater than themselves, it will make a difference. So we here at Wedding for Two will continue striving to show you unexpected ways to use your wedding budget to do double duty - wedding fun plus a good cause! Today's surprising way to do good with your wedding? An ice cream bar!
Today's charity is actually fairly local to me - I go to school at the University of Baltimore, and today's charity is the Sylvan Beach Cafe, which used to be around the corner. It is now Tahkara Brothers Ice Cream Shop, and they do Ice Cream Parties!!!!
The Sylvan Beach Foundation is a business run to support a foundation and residential program that serves disadvantaged young adults ages 18-22.
I want an ice cream bar ridiculously badly for our wedding, and honestly, at $4 per person, this costs less than most wedding cakes do. I think that an ice cream sundae bar plus a mediocre cake from Safeway or Giant would be the perfect combination for post-dancing deliciousness.

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  1. I'm a new follower (love your blog). I just wanted to say what a great post this is!! FI and I are planning on making a donation in lieu of favors. I love the ice cream much fun!