Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honeymoon toys: iPod Touch

I'm not a smartphone kind of guy; it's never been important to me to have a constant connection to my email or the web. But I do enjoy gadgets, and we received our company bonus in the form of a gift card, so I got myself a shiny iPod Touch 2G. I haven't wound up using it quite as much or in quite the way I imagined, but it's definitely been nice to have. I use it at home when I want to check my email quickly without waiting for my laptop to boot. It can handle multiple email accounts, so it's the easiest way for me to check our wedding account without logging out of my personal account, and it stores email offline, so I can generally reference things conveniently when I'm out and about, as long as I signed in and synced it up recently. One particularly handy instance was, when a caterer didn't show up for our tour of a venue, being able to look at her message and confirm that we were in fact there at the right time.

The main situation where I find the Touch especially useful is for traveling. There's the music, of course, and the games, but the key thing is that I can go away for the weekend without feeling the need to bring a laptop. With the Touch, as long as my hotel (or the hotel I'm standing outside of) has WiFi, I can check my email, search for restaurants (UrbanSpoon app), make and manage reservations (OpenTable), and find directions. At the same time, it's awkward enough that it's hard to just sit and surf on it all day, the way I might be tempted to with a laptop.

The Touch was the only form of computer we took when we went to Chicago for Valentines' Day, and it was great. We were able to find the information we needed, when we needed it, and focus on enjoying our trip together without being distracted by the real world - which to me sounds like the perfect honeymoon gadget.

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