Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Honeymoon Toys: The mini tripod

I'm a picture person. I love taking pictures, and I love having pictures of Mark and I. After all of our trips, I make a photo collage over on Snapfish.com and we frame it and put it on the wall.
I started to get frustrated though, because we usually didn't have that many pictures of the two of us. We would do the occasional self-timed shot with the camera precariously perched on a trash can or car roof, and we would ask total strangers to take our pictures. Not to mention the awkward hold-the-camera-out-and-take-a-picture shots:
(Always the double chin! Not to mention the shadows in my face.)
Then I would upload them, and they would be blurry, or my hair would be in my face, or the shot would be timed poorly. I started to lust after one of these:

Instead of getting one of these, Mark dug out his old tiny tripod that came with his first ever digital camera. It's about four inches in length, tucks into a pocket or a purse, and changed the way we take pictures.
(See how far away and well framed we are?)
Another thing that we have started to do is set the self timer to take three shots at once (every Canon has this feature). So if my hair is blowing across my face, it usually moves out of the way by the third frame and usually we get one decent shot out of three. We can also change positions so we can get some variety in our pictures:
It's amazing how much freedom you can get from something as geeky as a tripod. Our pictures from our recent trips have been so much better than the ones from before that. Mark doesn't really like it, because I'm constantly trying to make him take pictures, so I did tone it down a bit.
I plan to purchase myself a fancier mini-tripod sometime in the near future - ours doesn't wrap around stuff - but I feel like a lot of people are afraid to use tripods because they are a little nerdy, but I feel like it is a honeymoon must-have.
Even if you don't want to drop a lot of dough, the tripod that we have is less than $2 on Amazon. (They might make great stocking stuffers as well!) I think that it's a small price to pay to not get awkward chin pictures.


  1. Whoa I think I need one of those! Great idea!

  2. These tripods are great. There's another brand called Joby -- I got one of those and quite like it.

    I don't know if my digital camera can do the three frames with the self-timer -- I'll have to look at the instruction manual. Thanks for the tip!