Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are you Veiling?

Since I'm a short haired bride, I've decided to wear a veil. Okay, that's not true. Because I'm a short haired bride, I feel like my head needs a little fanciness. And it just so happens that I look fierce in a veil.
I tried on a veil last Thursday at the Betsy Robinson event. Then I tried on a few more. (My bridesmaids were lost on their way to the shop and the veils were near the free cake.) Then I found "the One". It was the perfect length - slightly longer than fingertip, and it had beading on the edge (which was unfinished). It was a very low-volume veil, which is perfect because I don't have a lot of hair that the veil has to go over at the top.
Did I mention it was a mere $250? Only twice my shoe budget, plus my entire accessories budget.
So the next day, I finally got on the whole making-my-veil thing, or at least the beginning. (I foresee it being a long process, and even if it's not, there's no harm in getting a jump on things.) It took me a surprisingly long time to figure out what "veil combs" are called (wire hair combs) so I could buy the simple wire ones that don't have rhinestones (all I could find on ebay.) I ordered two 2-inch and two 3-inch combs, so I could experiment with making a veil and a fantastic hair comb as well. I ordered them from Veillubridal.com, and I ordered them on Friday. They arrived yesterday. I love prompt customer service. They also had very reasonable prices and extremely reasonable shipping. Those of you who do not look ridiculous in birdcage veils will be happy to know they also sell birdcage netting, which can be hard to find in regular fabric shops.
Once I figure out the volume and length that I want my veil to be, my plan is to decide how to decorate it. I really liked the sparkley beading on the edging, but I've heard that gluing things on sometimes shows up poorly in photography. Does anyone have any experience with this?
Are you wearing a veil? Did you also fall in love with one that was insanely expensive?

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