Monday, October 19, 2009


It's been cold this last week! Unfortunately, Maryland weather generally is just...unpredictable. It could be up to 90 or down to 30 (those are the records, but it hit 40 degrees last week!) If we're facing a cold snap like this in a year, I'm not sure what to do - sure, we can rent heaters for the tent and dance a lot to warm up. But what about when we're all shivering in the woods during the ceremony? Our guests can snuggle up in some wraps (and we'll certainly encourage them to dress warmly, if necessary), and Mark gets to wear a coat, but me? Eeek!
So I've started thinking about this. What can I get that won't ruin my look to deal with unpredictable weather?
First of all, my toes are always cold. Also white boots would totally be reusable if I was cooler and could pull them off with jeans and a cute ski parka. (I can't. So I'm pretty sure I'll be incorporating them into a Halloween costume.)
Or maybe the classic Ugg Boot. Although Mark hates uggs. And I'd never wear these again. And they're twice the price of the Tims. (Oh, and as somebody points out, I would be that girl who wore uggs to her wedding.) And then of course there is my need for a nice bolero. This one is totally adorable, and comes in sizes! Disadvantage: Short sleeves. But, I'm totally capable of making my own longer sleeved version if I want.
Or if it's gonna be really cold, I might get this one, at least for the reception. I might get it anyway, now, since it's only $24 and pretty cute. I know I'll totally warm up during the reception what will all the boogying, but I don't want to speed through the ceremony and only be able to think about being cold! We have been talking about a 4:30 wedding, but now I'm contemplating 3:30 because it might be warmer! (Mark, being the guy who's ALWAYS warm enough, does not get to have a say here.)
If it's hot out, I'll throw on a short dress for the reception and wear some sandals. Fortunately, with Zappos overnight shipping, I could get me some boots right away the week before the ceremony after looking at the weather forecast. Or, I could order them now, never wear them, store them for a year, and keep the receipt thanks to Zappos free 365-day returns.
Do you have a contingency plan for extreme highs and lows?


  1. Wow, it's very brave of you to take your chances with the weather! When we were considering getting married in MD where S grew up, he told me right away that the weather would be unpredictable. We're still choosing our location, but we decided to hold everything indoors to avoid any weather-related surprises on the day of.