Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Engagement Shoots: Why you should do one.

I talked before about why to do an e-shoot, and also why I was on the fence about it.
Now that we have our pictures back, I'm really really glad we did it. Why?
I don't photograph well.
I look really awkward in a lot of our pictures. And it turns neck is really weird! In any My neck is kinda scrawny and the veins look funny when it turns. It also makes me strain my smile and my eyes tend to wander. Mark looks great here. I find my facial expression totally creepy.
So now I know, that for wedding pictures, no turned neck pictures. No stretched neck pictures. No forced smile pictures. And I'm going to practice learning to smile with my eyes.
I also carry myself uncomfortably. In this picture, I feel like I'm just dead weight:
It's more visible when you see the full res. picture - and it's too bad, because it's a great shot except for the fact that I look like I've fainted away in Mark's arms.
I also need to relax more when the camera is on us, and figure out where the best place to look is, and how to look at that place. Do you think there is some kind of crash course or do I just need to start watching ANTM?


  1. Our photographer told us to just act naturally and talk to each other, so he'd just tell us generally where to stand and what to do, and that was it. The majority of our photos are a lot more natural b/c of it. And it wasn't even too hard to do--it was actually one of our favorite parts of the wedding day, since we got to talk to each other and do nothing else.
    Maybe thinking of it like time for you to talk/hang out while someone just happens to be snapping photos might help?

  2. I think the photographer just put you in a weird position in those two photos. I think your neck is . . . well . . . rather normal, but human necks are not intended to be twisted so far! I actually like the one with the roller coasters in the background.