Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A few favorites

Mark and I each sorted through our engagement pictures and picked our favorite shots (taken by Janice Genger of Gengersnaps!).
This is his:
(Note the shoes. This was hour 3 in the park and I'm still smiling. I think I'm wearing tevas to the wedding.)
This is mine:
He picked his because it was just us, being ourselves and having fun. I picked mine because it's just too cool. This one was my runner up, because it's just us, being ourselves and having fun:
It was pretty hard to pick favorites though - Janice did a really great job catching us in the moment, goofing off:
(Mark, bragging that his horse went higher than mine.)
And I can't complain about the posed shots either!
More to come!


  1. Beuatiful pics. I love the merry-go-round pic. We had a fun time during our engagement sessions too

  2. I love your favorite. It so unique it looks like it's saying "hold on here we come"!